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Veterans Day 2013

Sunrise Capital Management, Inc. will donate a percentage of its gross receipts to the Wounded Warrior Project. Along with Sunrise, NetTel USA, Inc and Sunrise Credit Services, Inc, the other members of The Sunrise Family of Companies, will match this generous donation. Sunrise Capital Management, Inc is grateful to the men and women who serve in all branches of the Armed Forces. The Wounded warrior project helps thousands of injured warriors returning from the battlefield and helps provide assistance to their families.


Large agency meeting Oct 29th and 30th

Sunrise is asked to join with other leading receivable management at the Large Agency Meeting being held in Atlanta, GA. Topics to be covered are centered around the needs of the large member agencies and how ACA International can be of assistance.

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Our Experience

Why Choose Sunrise Capital Management?

Sunrise Capital Management will maintain the integrity of your brand throughout the handling of your portfolio. Our goal is to create long-term relationships with the companies with which we do business. It is our financial strength and expertise that allow us to quickly evaluate and fund purchases that make sense to our clients. The simple fact is that who you sell your debt to can be as important as the money you receive – perhaps even more so.

We may be buying your bad debt, or we may be financing or purchasing your current receivables. Regardless, we treat every account honestly, ethically and with complete respect. We never forget that, present circumstances aside, they still are or may once again be your customers. We like to feel that the consideration and professionalism we extend to those experiencing difficult times can materially aid in rebuilding your business relationships in the future.

In short, when we accept your debt we also accept the responsibility of preserving your image in the business community and ensuring the integrity of your corporate brand.

Professional Training and Management

We make sure that all of our call center agents perform to your highest expectations through extensive training and support, achievement goals and incentive programs. And our low, five-to-one ration of agents to managers ensures quality service.