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Veterans Day 2013

Sunrise Capital Management, Inc. will donate a percentage of its gross receipts to the Wounded Warrior Project. Along with Sunrise, NetTel USA, Inc and Sunrise Credit Services, Inc, the other members of The Sunrise Family of Companies, will match this generous donation. Sunrise Capital Management, Inc is grateful to the men and women who serve in all branches of the Armed Forces. The Wounded warrior project helps thousands of injured warriors returning from the battlefield and helps provide assistance to their families.


Large agency meeting Oct 29th and 30th

Sunrise is asked to join with other leading receivable management at the Large Agency Meeting being held in Atlanta, GA. Topics to be covered are centered around the needs of the large member agencies and how ACA International can be of assistance.

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Why Sell?

Generating Cash Flow

There is no acid test to determine when exactly to start calling a "receivable" a "debt." What you do know is that at some point every debt starts to cost you money as you hold the paper longer and expend more effort in attempting to collect. And of course there is the potential for losing the goodwill of your customer or injuring the image of your brand.

Many firms have seen the wisdom of selling their receivable to a third-party organization as a way of generating immediate cash flow from hard-to-collect accounts. It can help them accommodate short-term capital needs, or offer a way to realize the current value of aging write-offs they are not prepared or equipped to pursue.

The Sunrise Family of Companies has been purchasing debt since 1980 and it has been our professionalism and the ability to handle both large and small transactions that sets us apart.